RPA Training


We offer personalized courses that adapt to the needs of our clients.

Delve into the RPA operation

Whether it is to have basic notions of RPA operation or more advanced knowledge of programming, we cover a wide range of courses that guarantee the development of RPA capabilities and accelerate learning. Our approach is practical and pragmatic, using exercises during the courses to strengthen the concepts covered. In addition, we are attentive to doubts that may arise at any time to solve them.

  • RPA Introduction
  • Process identification
  • RPA development
  • Maintenance and monitoring
  • Good practices
  • A la carte service: tell us what you are interested in learning

Guiding you through the process

At RTS we advise you on the choice of the business process to automate as well as on the selection of the RPA technology. We will advise you on the installation of the robot license and in the programming of the robot until the customer is satisfied with the end result.

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