Tourism Sector


The tourism industry has experienced a change in customer behavior towards a more digital approach.

Efficient management

The advance of the pandemic and the restriction on air travel has also meant a great impact on tourism. Companies have had to quickly adapt to this new reality and fewer travelers.

These challenges put significant pressure on tourism, and companies are beginning to use technology to manage their services and operations more efficiently. Likewise, the traveler obtains an improvement in the experience and personalization of the services.

Digitization as a standard

RPA technology has the great advantage of being able to group and make different applications collaborate (such as social networks with analytical applications) and thus obtain important information about customers, which helps companies to position themselves in new markets and locate trends.

Digitization in the tourism sector is an immediate need and will soon become the norm.

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Guiding you through the process

At RTS we advise you on the choice of the business process to automate as well as on the selection of the RPA technology. We will advise you on the installation of the robot license and in the programming of the robot until the customer is satisfied with the end result.

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