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Large companies from different industries have trusted our RPA services to robotize their processes and take their productivity and efficiency to another level.

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Just like commercial organizations, the public sector has found itself with outdated processes, a high volume of repetitive and manual work that blocks productivity, as well as budget cuts limiting the hiring of new employees.

These challenges put significant pressure from the citizens on the innovation of our administrations.

Automation, the future.

The public sector is beginning to react with great advances in automation that are showing benefits, allowing administrations to provide better services to their citizens and reducing operating costs in their operations.
There are already many administrations looking for automation services to manage such an important and drastic change in the best possible way.
Join the automation trend with RTS and let’s improve the citizen-administration relationship!


Guiding you through the process

At RTS we advise you on the choice of the business process to automate as well as on the selection of the RPA technology. We will advise you on the installation of the robot license and in the programming of the robot until the customer is satisfied with the end result.

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