Energy Sector


The energy sector is going through a transition period: the digitalization of the electricity sector, the consumer network and changes in energy distribution.

Consumption, costs, expenses…

A good part of the analytical work in this industry consists of interpreting a large volume of data on which the consumption, costs and energy expenditure among others are based. With this information, companies can improve efficiency in the consumer’s energy network, consumption optimization and data transparency for their customers.

However, these tasks for the human employee can be somewhat repetitive and absorb a considerable amount of time on a day-to-day basis.

Automate to be more efficient

Therefore, RPA technology will make these tasks automated by our software platforms to analyze the database efficiently and without errors.

In addition, technology opens the door to a new relationship model between companies and consumers in which products and services are personalized and there is a more active and educational management of how and when to consume electricity.

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Guiding you through the process

At RTS we advise you on the choice of the business process to automate as well as on the selection of the RPA technology. We will advise you on the installation of the robot license and in the programming of the robot until the customer is satisfied with the end result.

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