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The Covid-19 pandemic has affected many industries around the world. One of the most affected industries is the airline sector.

We help expand the borders again

Among many measures to prevent the spread of the virus, the minimization of air travel and the closure of borders have put this sector between the ropes of survival.
Airlines were forced to react to this crisis, canceling flights and air operations and/or routes. In 2020, the drop in air activity approached 90%, a maximum in the history of world aviation. However, although the pandemic continues to be part of our reality and day-to-day, things are changing step by step and the borders are slowly opening, facilitating travel and air transport again.

Now more than ever.

We have to start thinking about what is coming and how to deal with it. The reconstruction and resilience of air transportation is going to consist of its ability to overcome new challenges. Among them are the following:

  • Global Civil Aviation Safety
  • Air navigation capacity and efficiency
  • Aviation security and facilitation
  • Economic development of air transport
  • Environmental Protection

Time to be again

With our RPA technology, air transport can rediscover new forms of sustainable governance, find paths to efficiency and new profitable markets, and the maximization of the capacity of its assets. Airlines can use RPA to improve repetitive processes, reduce costs and pursue excellence, as well as help their workers find solutions.
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